From conventional medicine to naturopathy

Our holistic therapies are based on expertise in general and naturopathic medicine. From immune-strengthening therapies and anti-aging to intestinal rehabilitation and burn-out, we have a wealth of experience at our side.


The main focus of our treatment is always the identification of causes through medical references.


We believe, for successful healing, a holistic perspective on treatment is necessary.

Clever Aging

Preserving the quality of life in old age begins at a young age and is not a luxury but a necessity.


Lifestyle counseling and psychological support are essential components.
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About Dr. Riedel

"Prevention is better than having to cure."

"My life is dedicated to humanity. I practice my profession as a doctor with conscientiousness and dignity. The preservation and restoration of the health of my patients are the paramount principles of my actions. I approach every human life with reverence from its inception, and even under threat, I do not employ my medical skills in contradiction to the principles of humanity."

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Inquiries / Appointment bookings

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Flowers are silent expressions of gratitude.