Thymus und Peptides

In the treatment method involving thymus and peptides, we like to refer to it as "intelligent aging". It's anti-aging that addresses the cause, not just the symptoms of aging.

In the treatment method involving thymus and peptides, we start with the analysis of telomeres. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, and by their length, one can determine the genetic age of the patient. The shortening process of telomeres, thus the aging of the patient, cannot be prevented but can be slowed down.

This is done through the injection of thymus peptidesThe thymus is a gland near the heart that produces T-lymphocytes, especially potent antibodies. The younger one is, the larger the gland and the more productive it is. As one ages, it becomes smaller and weaker. T-lymphocytes are essential for cell health and thus influence telomeres. The healthier a cell, the slower the degradation of telomeres. The thymus peptide reactivates the thymus gland.

Using Electroacupuncture by Voll in a second step, other weak organs are identified and supported with organ-specific peptides.

If the aging process can be slowed down from within, it automatically has effects on vitality, performance, and appearance.