During oxyvenation, under medical supervision and with a special device, oxygen is systematically pumped into the bloodstream via a venous access.

The goal of oxyvenation is to enrich red blood cells with oxygen. With this method, the body receives more energy and becomes more efficient.

How it is done:
After medical assessment and clarification of the patient's general condition, a venous access is established. Similar to an infusion, oxygen is now pumped into the circulatory system. The amount of oxygen is prescribed by a physician and tailored to the patient and therapy goals. Depending on the therapy, the desired effect in the body can also be enhanced afterwards with high-dose vitamin infusions.

What it achieves:
By enriching oxygen in the blood, the body gains more energy and efficiency. However, oxyvenation can also be applied for specific therapy purposes: to heal wounds and weak or infected organs. The oxygen enrichment accelerates healing processes.