Allergy Deletion

Allergies are now a common ailment. They play a central role in many diseases and can be tested painlessly and treated without side effects using BICOM bioresonance therapy

What is the Bicom Bioresonance Method?

The Bicom Bioresonance method is a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that has opened up a new, pioneering path in medicine. The fundamental principles of the bioresonance method are confirmed by the latest findings in quantum and biophysics. Bioresonance therapy is a gentle therapy without medication

How can allergies be eliminated with it?

Every matter, including our cells, consists of condensed energy and also emits it in specific frequencies. This applies to cells in our body as well as to viruses, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens. These specific frequencies are also referred to as frequency patterns.

Through these frequency patterns, cells in the body communicate with each other. When a frequency from external harmful cells is introduced, it disrupts smooth communication. This is then manifested by diseases or allergies. Since the human body consists of 70% water, in which not only nutrients but also harmful substances are present, the Bicom device can detect pollutants in the body fluid using various frequencies. The disruptive frequency patterns are discharged from the body using therapeutically effective frequency patterns. Cell communication can now function undisturbed. Allergies are reduced by 80-90%.